Allianz, 60’s Turkish Movie

The story of two young, looking for happiness on the bumpy roads of life. Ferit and Nalan.. A poor boy studying engineering while working as a taxi driver and a rich girl living with her wealthy grandpa. Fakir ama Zengin (Poor but Rich) is a Turkish film takes place in 1965’s İstanbul.

It’s an interactive movie developed as a Facebook application. Where viewers direct the movie based on their answers to the questions coming up in the end of each scene. A cinematic mashup of old Turkish film clichés where the boy suddenly becomes rich and the girl gets blind. There were 7 questions in total and some of them had multiple answers and some answers were leading to different questions. So in the end viewers may have the possibility of creating 64 different versions of the main movie.

Idea behind the application was to promote Allianz Insurance company’s services from the perspective of old school Turkish movies which implies anything can happen at any given time.




Pure New Media


212 Production


Color, Direction, Editing


November 2011