Kinetic Sculpture

8 months ago we were wondering about kinetic sculptures and motors, how to control them through custom software and may be even doing visualizations. This project started around March 2014 as a practice for us to learn about motors and how to do things with them. In this period of time we have bought, found, tried and broke many dc motors, servo motors, stepper motors, encoders and gears. We learnt a lot about the mechanical process both on digital and physical side.

On this specific video we were exploring the boundaries of fairly cheap rc motors, their responsiveness, durability and precision by creating a custom software designed to sync and animate all ten motors to act together in harmony with realtime processing and predefined animations.

This is a non-profit, educational only project.

This one demonstrates motion response by using Microsoft Kinect and Leap Motion Controller as well as realtime sound input and some generative movements. Now we are looking for expanding the structure, turning it into a three dimensional grid of nodes.


10 Meter of addressable Led Strips

10 Units of servo motors

Custom made foam gears to expand the diameter

Motion and sound reactive


Frederic Chopin - Nocturne in C-sharp Minor (1830)


November 2014