Lab Post : Custom Giant Hub Horn

Multiple ends on single servo motor

We were looking for ways to reduce the motor count we need in order to make a multiple end grid of motors. For example if you put up a grid of 30 motors you will have 30 ends on each. But if you can attach three seperate ends to a single motor you may end up using only 10 motors. So mechanical solutions were needed. We also had to draw the ends as long as we could. So radial movement with a radial hub wasn’t convinient enough. An inch of diameter servo hub wouldn’t let us to draw the end around 70 cm to 1 meter. We were looking for longer distances but the bigger hub you have, longer the distance you get.

Servo motor

As we moved forward this second option looked more cheap to produce. Because hubs we made before were plexiglass and requires laser cutting while leaving a lot of scrap thus costs expensive. We tried our chances with aluminum tube. It has it’s own dynamics of course. A lot of load generated on the motor so we needed a higher torque. Tried six may be seven different HiTec Servo motors. It needs to be well balanced, when this achieved an array of parented ends may have a beautiful shifted motion.