Lab Post : Workshop Projects

Simple projects for explaining basic input/output

We were invited by Medina Turgul DDB for an electronics workshop covering Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable technologies. It was generally an introduction to the technology, tools, concepts, Arduino prototyping environment and some remarkable projects around the world. We prepared simple project before the workshop to explain basic input/output concepts and make sure everybody gets what a person can do with a microcontroller, some flex sensors, a liquid pump, a pulse sensor, a color sensor, a temprature sensor, a thermal printer and of course some led’s.

FSR Sensor

This includes two FSR sensors one on the back one on the sitting and a buzzer connected to an Arduino. It buzzes when a person sits in a wrong posture.

Wearable Technologies

Small strip of led’s lights up realtime when pulse detected by the Pulse Sensor. Finger pressure must be balanced to ensure connectivity although we are open for suggestions.

Flora Color Sensor

Used Adafruit’s Flora Color Sensor to detect object color and light the led’s with the data coming from input.

Internet of Things

Listens to Twitter hashtags to water the plant. Liquid pumps are great when you need to move liquids from a to b. The motor came with it is only 5000 rpm, we upgraded it to get a bit more faster pace..

Internet of Things

We love thermal printers. Our instagram printer also uses a thermal inkless printers. This one is much like Qmatic style. Delivers black and white, printed outputs. Is listens to a specific hashtag and prints it out when a tweet comes to it. There is really no purpose of doing this, just an example, but with this in mind a lot of useful ideas may become functional.


We call it natural loop or it pretends to be one. There is a LM35 temprature sensor and a pc fan connected to an Arduino. If the setted temprature rises to specific level, pc fan starts to cool it, when cools down fan stops.