Medina Turgul DDB IoT & Wearables Workshop

We were invited by Medina Turgul DDB for an electronics workshop covering Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable technologies. It was generally an introduction to the technology, tools, concepts, Arduino prototyping environment and some remarkable projects around the world. We prepared simple prototypes before the workshop to explain and make sure everybody gets what a person can do with a microcontroller, some flex sensors, liquid pumps, pulse sensor, color sensor, a thermometer, thermal printer and of course some led’s. Couple weeks later we had the same workshop with Tribal DDB too. Overall we really like to thank both agencies for their hospitality!

If you like to see the projects, please head on to our Lab page, where we post our dailies on electronics and stuff.

Workshop by

Büyük Ayı


Medina Turgul DDB

Tribal DDB


18 to 24


September 2014