Smart Surface

Smart Surface is an interactive and dynamic retail application where users can pick up any physical object off and instantly start interacting with a multitouch display.

It combines the benefits of traditional retail with advantages of multitouch and sensor technology to let users experience hands-on interactive journey. Each item on the surface can be recognized by the framework thus creating a seamless hybrid experience. It is a faster decision making tool for shoppers where they can get visual feedback, information and interactive comparisons on the product. And it is better for retailers when it comes to wide data analytics.

Gender recognition, product try per session, visit durations, social review, path length, emotion recognition, new vs returning shopper analytics creates great deal of opportunity for profiling.

In-depth walkthroughs for complex electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets and smart cameras as an interactive trainer and digital sales representative. Social media integration and customer feedback collection on every level of interaction makes it a perfect retail media for others to use.

Accurate and functional information in retail at any time. Extending textual product label with interactive content while running stunning visuals. Enables customers to spend more active and efficent time in stores.

This is a demo we prepared for Samsung Electronics, contents of the video includes dummy information and only for presentation purposes. Made with OpenFrameworks and Arduino.


Product recognition

Multitouch and multi product surface

Wide data analytics

Physical vs digital experience

Social media integration through retail


March 2014