Social Documentary

This summer we hosted an event called Social Documentary for LinkedTV. Interactive project realized by Fabien Grisard, Ceren Kayalar and Sema Alaçam. They converted our multitouch table we produced back in 2010 into a marker detectable one.

Social Documentary is an artistic installation to navigate in a collection of crowd-sourced videos. The visitors are invited to interact with the installation by choosing keywords through the manipulation of three cubes. Each cube represents a class of keywords (people, action, emotion). As the videos are cut into segments and tagged with the same keywords, the system will automatically choose the most relevant video according to the position of the cubes. A Kinect-based system allows us to track the two closest visitors’ faces and infer on their interest for the played video. The more the visitors are interested, the higher is the probability to display this video to the next visitors, as recommendation system on video broadcast platforms. In this way, the installation evolves with its public. Some segments will emerge from the others as the “most popular”.

If you are planning a workshop, a late time lecture or a shooting don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask for the schedule over studio [at]

Installation by

Fabien Grisard

Ceren Kayalar

Sema Alaçam

Produced for



24 to 36


August 2014